Southern Oregon Resource Alliance believes in a fair and balanced use and conservation of all natural resources throughout the state of Oregon.

Whether it involves fishing, mining, logging, or recreation, Oregon families depend on responsible stewardship of public lands for continued economic sustainability and quality of life unique to Southern Oregon.

Currently, the scales are tipped on the side of environmental extremists with total disregard to human survival or the rights of Oregonians to earn a livelihood by managing Oregon’s resources.

Grossly exaggerated claims by environmental extremists have locked up tens of thousands of acres of potentially harvestable timber lands, keeping millions of dollars out of the pockets of Oregon families and driving up prices due to importation of timber from foreign countries.

The rights granted by the Mining Law of 1866 are being taken away as it becomes increasingly more difficult to meet demands by state and federal agencies and the environmental activists on the extreme left.

Dams that once provided flood protection and recreation for Oregon families are being removed to “protect” certain species of fish, even while statistics show the numbers of said species have been increasing over the past years.

Our Rogue River has been deemed “navigable” by the State, giving the State authority to claim all that is under the water, up to the high water mark, including gold, mercury, and even river rock used in construction.

Federal Courts and Oregon Courts ae being used to stop any and all resource extraction on both public and private lands. According to the courts, plants and animals are of greater importance than human beings or the economic sustainability of our rural communities.