Monumental Land Grab

If you have not heard of the Siskiyou Crest National Monument you may be alarmed to know that it encompasses approximately ONE MILLION, TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ACRES, half of which is right here in the Illinois Valley. There are roughly 1400 privately held parcels of land within the proposed monument. You, a family member or friend may be one of those who could lose your property by eminent domain.

This is only one of 17 recently proposed new monuments, locking up a total THIRTEEN MILLION acres, in addition to the approximately 120 monuments currently existing, that include over SEVENTY MILLION ACRES already.

Please take time and write your Commissioners, Representatives, Senators, Congressmen and even The White House in opposition to this monumental land grab.

If you would like further information regarding this type of land-grab or other natural resource use and conservation, please feel free to contact SORA, or attend one of our meetings, held every Monday at 7:30 AM at Elmer’s Restaurant, 175 NE Agness Ave, in Grants Pass.

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