URGENT! Contact Joint Ways and Means Committee to Oppose SB 838A

SB 838 imposes a moratorium on mining that uses any form of motorized equipment until January 2, 2018, and declares an emergency so the bill goes into effect immediately.

This bill is currently in the Joint Ways & Means Committee and is scheduled for a workshop on Friday,  June 28.

Please contact the Joint Ways & Means Committee right away, and let them know this bill will be harmful to Oregon’s economy and violates your federal mining rights. It should not be passed out of committee.

You can contact the whole committee by copying and pasting the following list of e-mail addresses into the To line of your e-mail.

rep.peterbuckley@state.or.us; Rep.NancyNathanson@state.or.us; Rep.DennisRichardson@state.or.us; Rep.BruceHanna@state.or.us; rep.lewfrederick@state.or.us; rep.timfreeman@state.or.us; rep.bettykomp@state.or.us; rep.bobjenson@state.or.us; rep.brianclem@state.or.us; rep.carolyntomei@state.or.us; rep.gregsmith@state.or.us; Rep.MikeMcLane@state.or.us; Rep.TobiasRead@state.or.us; Rep.JenniferWilliamson@state.or.us; sen.billhansell@state.or.us; sen.chrisedwards@state.or.us; sen.chuckthomsen@state.or.us; sen.fredgirod@state.or.us; Sen.ElizabethSteinerHayward@state.or.us; sen.dougwhitsett@state.or.us; Sen.JackieWinters@state.or.us; sen.arnieroblan@state.or.us; Sen.BetsyJohnson@state.or.us; sen.richarddevlin@state.or.us; sen.rodmonroe@state.or.us;

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