Federal District Court Rules BLM Must Sell Timber

In a landmark ruling on a lawsuit brought by SWANSON GROUP MFG. LLC, et al. vs. Ken Salazar, et al, on June 26, the United States District Court ruled that The BLM must sell the annual sustained yield capacity of timber in the Medford and Roseburg districts, and cannot use the flawed Owl Estimation Methodology as an excuse for not making the timber sales.


ORDERED that defendant Ken Salazar and/or his successors shall sell or offer for sale the declared annual sustained yield capacity of timber for the Medford and Roseburg districts for each year; it is further
ORDERED that the Owl Estimation Methodology is set aside and shall not be used by defendants Ken Salazar, Tom Vilsack, and/or their successors unless and until the methodology is submitted to the rulemaking procedures of 5 U.S.C. § 553;

This is great news for the timber industry and the O&C Counties! It will undoubtedly be appealed, and it may take some years before we actually see increased timber harvests, but this is an important milestone that reverses the direction in which we’ve been travelling for the last 20 years, and puts us back on the road to recovery.

This may well be the first nail in the coffin of the Northwest Forest Plan!


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