KMED’s Bill Myer Testimony

Here’s my submitted testimony to the Joint Legislative Committee transportation meeting from last night. Submit your meaningful public comments by MONDAY to

“Let me start by saying I’m an environmentalist, and that everyone here who wants clean air and water is also an environmentalist. Of course the main pollution we suffer today in our environment is unchecked forest fires engendered in part by faulty environmental policy, which has also crept into faulty transportation policy through the state’s Roadmap to 2020, Vision 2050, and so on.

I want folks to understand that your policy isn’t law. Your legislative policy of adhering and taking an environmental stance in our transportation issues is illegitimate. As a citizen I do not wish the state pursuing environmentalism in our transportation choices as a byproduct of implementing Sustainable Development policy. 1000 Friends of Oregon isn’t my stakeholder, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is not my stakeholder, nor is Oregon Wild and a myriad of “gang green” consensus groups.

This is a legislative information gathering meeting, but any use of the policy consensus stakeholder input process here, if used, is a fraud. This isn’t a dispute resolution. The input required by the law of the state of Oregon is to be that of the people. I demand that we get actual statements of USERS of the road, and not the fraudulent voices of manufactured stakeholder consensus from outside our area. This is important as much of our current transportation policy has been brought forth via the stakeholder groups especially selected for your pre-determined outcome of implementing “Sustainable Development”, also masquerading under the term “Smart Growth”.

This transportation system is a matter of county concern, and it’s a matter of the people of the county who use and own the roadways. We want actual statements of the USERS of the road.
The vast majority of Jackson County’s real road users demand safe, efficient transportation systems and roads. And when I say roads, I mean USEFUL roads. We are not demanding road diets, we are not demanding bicycle paths, on Highway 99 for example, built at the expense of actually useful automotive and truck commerce-capable roads.

Let me explain that this bicycle lane while feeling good, (and under-utilized I might add) is a clear and present danger against your constitutionally-mandated concern for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. On one hand the legislative transportation policy wants us prepared for a cataclysmic seismic event, while on the other hand faulty transportation policy encourages the actual reduction of road capacity needed in an emergency.

As to the rest of your faulty legislative agenda, I would add that we are not demanding OreGo, or other citizen travel tracking and taxing schemes born from the sustainable development-addled technocrats in the legislature and administration. Nor are we demanding a carbon tax, which would be yet another intolerable financial rape of what’s left of southern Oregon’s productive sector, which has largely been kicked to the curb by the Oregon legislature’s treacherous embrace of this false God, Sustainable Development. What we ARE demanding is the full use of these granted roads for peaceful travel and commerce.

So yes, I demand that we build and maintain the roads, and stop this insane state policy of implementing the voluntary executive orders of Sustainable Development. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, its concepts are all over your state documents – For example, this from the “Interim Roadmap to 2020” report:

“In 2010 the Oregon Global Warming Commission is undertaking a “Roadmap to 2020” Project that will offer recommendations for how Oregon can meet its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goal (“10% below 1990 levels”), get a head start toward its 2050 goal (“at least 75% below 1990 levels”), and build a prosperous, clean‐energy‐based 21st century state economy.”

This is a preposterous road map to economic ruin in the name of Sustainable Development, based on the unproven concept that carbon dioxide, a byproduct of life itself on the planet, is somehow a danger to that life.

This is NOT what the road users in Jackson County wish. We demand the unencumbered use of these granted roads. Follow the lawful LAW, not the corrupt state policy. We are not Portland, we are not Eugene, we are southern Oregon. And I very much doubt you’ve been getting REAL input by REAL users of these roads. I demand you get this lawful real input as a matter of county concern.

In conclusion, I demand you cease any plans, legislative or administrative, for implementing an evil carbon tax, or low carbon fuel standards, mileage tracking and taxing schemes, road diets, and any further implementation of sustainable development policies. Remember, these are not ODOT roads, they’re not “stakeholder” roads, they are “The People’s” roads.

I demand that you cease your illegitimate policies of pushing “The People” off their roads and their actual preferred and effective modes of transportation. Thank You.”

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