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BLM Seeks Public Comment

The BLM is initiating a new Resource Management Plan revision to replace the WOPR. This plan revision will provide goals, objectives, and direction for the management of all BLM-administered lands in western Oregon. They’re hosting a series of public meetings around the state over the next three weeks to get feedback on the new plan revisions. We need to show up for this one!

    What: BLM Public Meeting on new Resource Management Plan
    When: Thursday, May 17
    5:30-7:00 PM
    Where: Grants Pass Interagency Office
    2164 NE Spalding Ave.

The revisions to the existing RMPs will determine how the BLM will manage BLM-administered lands in western Oregon to further the recovery of threatened and endangered species, to provide clean water, to restore fire adapted ecosystems, to produce a sustained yield of timber products, and provide for recreation opportunities. The BLM is preparing new RMPs in order to address: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery plan and proposed critical habitat designations for the Northern Spotted Owl; new scientific information related to forest health and resiliency; and the socio-economic needs of western Oregon communities.

The BLM is seeking feedback from the public on the following questions:

  • What is the appropriate scale and scope of the plan?
  • What new or innovative ideas should the BLM consider in this planning process?
  • How can the BLM provide habitat for fish and wildlife and contribute to the recovery Endangered Species Act listed species?
  • How should the BLM manage forests to protect property and ensure our forests are fire resilient?
  • How should BLM-administered lands be managed to contribute to clean water and safe drinking water?
  • What types of recreation opportunities should there be more of or less of on BLM lands?
  • How can BLM lands contribute to local economies and support local communities?

Written comments may be submitted until July 5, 2012, by the following methods:

Website: www.blm.gov/or/plans/rmpswesternoregon
E-mail: BLM_OR_RMPs_WesternOregon@blm.gov
FAX: (503) 808-6333
Mail: BLM, P.O. Box 2965, Portland, Oregon 97208

Opening on Natural Resource Coordinating Committee

IMPORTANT!  There's an opening for a representative from the agricultural community on the Natural Resource Coordinating Committee.

Federal law requires the BLM and Forest Service to coordinate with local government on any decisions affecting federal land in the local region, providing that the local government has an established Natural Resources plan.

This is the committe that is drafting that plan for Josephine County. Once the plan is in place, federal agencies must comply with the plan and coordinate with the county on any decisions affecting public land within our county.

In the current makeup of the committee, the preservationists slightly outnumber those who advocate the responsible utilization of our natural resources. This opening gives us an opportunity to bring more balance to the committee, and prevent our county coordination plan from being slanted toward preservationism.

If you're concerned about losing the rights to use our pubic natural resources in Josephine County, and want to have a real impact on the future of our county, please apply for this postiion!

The application is available online in either MS Word or PDF format.

Print the application, fill it out, and drop it off at the Commissioners’ office at the County Courthouse on 6th St between A & B Sts.

The deadline is June 23, so don’t put it off. Please apply NOW.