Oregon’s Endangered Industries

Everything that’s produced ultimately comes from the earth. If it isn’t grown, it’s mined. Oregon’s natural resource industries are endangered due to overregulation and environmental litigation. These four videos esplore the reasons why.

Timber in Oregon: An Endangered Industry
This one-hour program looks at how responsible forest management is important for healthy forests, how the timber industry benefits the local economy, and the consequences of its decline.

Mining in Oregon: An Endangered Industry
This one-hour program explores the types of minerals found in Oregon, their uses in our daily lives, and the impacts of state regulations and federal land withdrawals on the mining industry.

Farming in Oregon: An Endangered Industry
A plethora of conflicting environmental and land use laws, at the federal, state, and local levels, are driving farmers out of business. This half-hour program includes interviews with farmers and ranchers about the effects of overregulation on their lives and livelihoods.